As any building/facilities manager knows, blueprints are some of the worst documents to keep organized.  They need to be kept forever.  Maintenance and facilities workers need access to them at all times.  They are very important.


  • Plan rooms are messy and hard to organize.
  • Drawings are huge in size.
  • They are heavy, especially if made of mylar.
  • They are hard to file.
  • Sets become separated.
  • Drawings are often “borrowed” but never returned
  • Often drawings are rolled up and it is hard to identify the set
  • Documents are sensitive to light and can fade
  • Documents are often very old and fragile
  • Usually 30-50% of the drawings are duplicates taking up valuable space
  • It is hard to find the right drawing quickly when an emergency happens
  • Storage solutions such as flat files, cubbies, or hanging racks are big, bulky, and located in a far away place like the attic or basement!
  • Finally, as with any paper document, the original drawing is often the only copy and is at risk of fire, flood, theft, rodents, etc.