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The University of the District of Columbia is a four-year historically black university in our nation’s capital. There are 15 main buildings on campus, most of which were built over 50 years ago. Over the years, the drawings for the university were piled up in a storage room. They were difficult to manage, lacked organization, and couldn’t be accessed by the facilities staff. UDC decided to embark on a mission to organize and digitize the drawings and hired archSCAN to do the work.


Although UDC still had their campus engineering and facilities drawings in their possession, they were essentially lost in plain sight due to lack of organization. The drawings were rolled in boxes and laid flat in a four foot high stack of drawings. It was a chaotic mess! Facilities staff lost a lot of time searching for documents within the mess. They could not perform their jobs efficiently because they couldn’t access the information that they needed.

archSCAN spent roughly six months organizing, digitizing, and indexing the documents. An electronic library was created.


UDC planroom before
UDC planroom during
UDC planroom after


  • Drawings are accessible in the cloud
  • Drawings are in a digital format- PDFs
  • Drawings can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Drawings can be easily shared with contractors/colleagues
  • Facilities staff can search for documents within the database
  • UDC has saved tremendous amounts of time and money by digitizing their drawings


  • 20% increase in productivity and work-place happiness- no more searching for lost documents!
  • 50% reduction records storage costs
  • 75% reduction in cost of printing, mailing, and filing paper documents
  • 84% of businesses achieve full ROI in less than 18 months

Project Scope

  • Organized a chaotic plan room containing over 30,000 drawings
  • Removed 40% in duplications
  • Scanned 17,113 drawings
  • Electronic files totaled 20.2 GB
  • Files are managed in a cloud-based electronic library

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Client Feedback

…I can now find any drawing within seconds.
– Thom Armstrong, Facilities Director
Upper Chesapeake Hospital

…high marks for their successful efforts in cleaning up our old print room
– Steve Swierczek, Director of Facilities
Georgetown University Hospital

…top-notch customer service
– Michelle Frederick, Development Manager
American University

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