Specialty Scanning

In addition to typical paper scanning, archSCAN offers digital conversion for legacy document types such as microfiche and microfilm, aperture cards, fragile or historical documents, 16mm and 35mm film, books, oversize documents, slides, and other unique media that needs to be converted into digital formats.

In addition to digitizing, archSCAN specializes in indexing documents in specialty scan jobs, by adding per-document metadata. This allows the legacy file formats to be converted to searchable digital files, as well as imported into document management systems.

Specialty Scanning Services

  • Microfilm Scanning (16mm and 35mm)
  • Microfiche Scanning
  • Aperture Card Scanning
  • Book Scanning
  • Slide Scanning
  • Oversize document scanning
  • Other media requiring special format scanning

Preserve Access to Documents on Older Media

Digitizing older documents stored on unusual or legacy media formats is crucial to their preservation and allows the documents to be easily searchable through metadata and OCR.

Set of Microfiches
Drawer of aperture cards
Boxes of Microfilm rolls in drawer

As time passes, the old machines used to read microfilm and microfiche are breaking and cannot be repaired. Scanning the legacy media may be the only solution to preserving the documents.

Quickly locating information previously stored on legacy media and which might otherwise be lost as technology changes is one of the primary benefits of archSCAN’s specialty scanning services.

Indexing Creates Searchable Content

The scanning process allows documents to be indexed by our trained archivists who apply metadata and strategic file naming for each document, as well as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The output of a conversion project can be PDF or TIFF formats with a metadata spreadsheet or csv file, which allows for a direct import into a document management system.

Save Time & ROI

We have found that businesses can significantly save time and increase productivity by being able to quickly locate documents such as digitized microfilm or other media. This translates to an average Return on Investment within 18 months.

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  • Do you have old microfilm or microfiche that you need scanned?
  • Do you have old books or manuals to digitize?
  • Do you want to convert old rolls of film, slides, or negatives into digital files?

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archSCAN Services

  • Plan Room Cleanup
  • Small-Format Scanning
  • Wide-Format Scanning
  • Indexing & Metadata
  • Document Management

Client Feedback

…I can now find any drawing within seconds.
– Thom Armstrong, Facilities Director
Upper Chesapeake Hospital

…high marks for their successful efforts in cleaning up our old print room
– Steve Swierczek, Director of Facilities
Georgetown University Hospital

…top-notch customer service
– Michelle Frederick, Development Manager
American University

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