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Document Scanning Services

archSCAN digitizes all types of documents from large format to small format, and specialty formats like microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, and 35mm film. Large volumes of documents can be easily handled with the speed, efficiency and accuracy that comes from our expertise, experience, and the latest scanning systems.

Any Size, Any Medium, Any Amount of Documents

Our scanning projects range from engineering drawings, legal files, student records, project files, microfilm/fiche, and photographs, to fragile or historic documents. We scan with an extremely high resolution for best quality, and provide color correction and auto-rotate as needed. Our indexing is extremely accurate and uses high-DPI optical character recognition technology combined with our workflow automation system, allowing us to scan names and process documents using barcoded indexing. Our technology includes high speed bulk scanners, wide-format flatbed scanners, photo scanners, and specialty scanners for microfilm/microfiche and scanning of photo negatives.

Quality Control

archSCAN takes quality control seriously. We perform quality comparisons to reach the best document scan output, with strong checks and balances in place to make sure that work is completed correctly the first time. Typically we begin projects by digitizing a small batch of the paper documents in order to test and optimize naming conventions and other details.

We believe communication with the client is key and we encourage every client to ask questions anytime there might be uncertainty on a project. Our management and staff can provide as much information as a client needs about the scanning process.


We provide the digital output of any document imaging project on the medium that each individual client requires. The files can be given on CD or DVD, thumb drives, external hard drives, on an FTP site, or through cloud storage sites. For clients deploying a Document Management System, archSCAN will provide direct import of scanned documents, including each document’s metadata for indexing and searching, into the DMS for gaining the immediate benefit of fast search and retrieval.

Shelves along wall containing paper records


For 8.5x11 up to 11x17 inch documents
We scan all types of documents in any volume including file folders, HR & medical records, legal documents, invoices, and many other document types.
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Woman scanning large documents


For blueprints, engineering drawings, and other large documents
Our wide format flatbed scanners accommodate documents up to 36 inches wide and any length.
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Room full of boxes full of paper documents


Processing up to 430 images per minute
Our Ultra-High-Speed scanner can process up to 4 standard banker boxes per hour at 300 DPI in color, grayscale or black and white. Ideal for large volume projects on quick deadlines.
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For microfilm, microfiche, and other unique needs
We scan film, aperture cards, negatives, and fragile or historical documents that need special handling during the imaging process.
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Metadata Capture From Blueprint

Indexing makes each document searchable
Indexing associates metadata tags to each individual document in a scanning project, allowing documents to be found with simple searches. This process is extremely important when a document management system is being deployed.
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archSCAN provides the full spectrum of scanning and document management services for clients across the Mid-Atlantic region including Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Call us today to discuss your needs at (410) 553-6383 or use our contact form to get in touch.

archSCAN Services

  • Plan Room Cleanup
  • Small-Format Scanning
  • Wide-Format Scanning
  • Indexing & Metadata
  • Document Management

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Client Feedback

…I can now find any drawing within seconds.
– Thom Armstrong, Facilities Director
Upper Chesapeake Hospital

…high marks for their successful efforts in cleaning up our old print room
– Steve Swierczek, Director of Facilities
Georgetown University Hospital

…top-notch customer service
– Michelle Frederick, Development Manager
American University

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