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Our Strength Lies in Finding Order in Chaos

Organizing your files saves space, time, and money. It increases productivity, reduces staff stress and frustration, allows for better employee communications, faster and easier access to important files, and makes document version control possible.

Research, Inventory, Catalog

Unorganized Engineering DrawingsOrganizing documents is archSCAN’s specialty. We provide on-site service across the Mid-Atlantic region, including Baltimore, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, Annapolis, and Philadelphia, as well as any other location in DC, MD, VA, and DE. To organize your paperwork, we go on-site to client facilities to research, inventory, and catalog your paper documents, and, as needed, your electronic documents. Most organizations have a combination of paper and electronic documents, so we compare your digital files and folders with your paper files and identify duplications.

Our Document Organizing Process

To organize documents, archSCAN performs the following steps at a minimum, and handles each client’s individual needs on top of these tasks as required:

  • Cataloging paper and digital files in a customized database
  • Capturing important metadata
  • Labeling sets of documents
  • Identifying duplications and outdated versions of documents
  • Merging separated documents back together
  • Purging unwanted documents
  • Re-organizing, labeling, and cleaning document storage rooms

Room full of disorganized bankers boxes of filesOrganizing documents according to the above methodology allows our clients to know exactly what information they have in their hanging files, file cabinets, hard drives, and shared storage locations such as Google drive or any other storage location containing critical files and documents. This helps determine what documents should be scanned and which should be discarded, and which ones should be retained in paper format. Once the organizing process has been completed, future document retention policies are much easier to implement.

We complete this organization process either on-site at your facility or off-site at our production center. No more loss of productivity performing tasks that are not in your job description. No more looking for lost files.

Solving the Problem of Duplicates

Pile of Blueprints and Rolled-Up Building PlansWhen duplicate documents exist in separate locations, including on paper and in a computer or within a duplicate folder hierarchy on a file system, we also perform the crucial step of version control, making sure to identify the latest issues of your documents. Additionally, some documents may be duplicated in a shared drive with different file names, which can occur when staff move files on a USB flash drive. We also see local files duplicated but in different file formats, so we unify your information by converting documents into the file format needed most often by each client. For example, when scanned files are in TIFF format we convert them to PDF, or from DWG format to PDF, and other file format conversion that each individual client may need for electronic filing.

Preparation for a Document Management System

If your organization plans on implementing a state-of-the art electronic document management software suite, the preparation tasks are normally very time-consuming and tedious. Files and folders must be properly indexed, information about each and every document (metadata) must be captured, optical character recognition (OCR) performed, and unnecessary or “junk” files need to be removed. A proper folder hierarchy and file naming convention is established if required, as well as a filing structure that lets staff who are responsible for managing files have an easier time with such tasks.

archSCAN performs all of these processes and more using an efficient, streamlined methodology that makes for a smooth transition to a digital system. With our processes, any document management system that gets deployed is functional from day one – letting staff immediately reap the benefits to workflow, collaboration, and overall time efficiency.

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  • Are you frustrated because you can’t find what you need, when you need it?
  • Are important documents hidden in plain sight due to poor filing habits?
  • Are paper documents and file cabinets taking up needed office space?

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Client Feedback

…I can now find any drawing within seconds.
– Thom Armstrong, Facilities Director
Upper Chesapeake Hospital

…high marks for their successful efforts in cleaning up our old print room
– Steve Swierczek, Director of Facilities
Georgetown University Hospital

…top-notch customer service
– Michelle Frederick, Development Manager
American University

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